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Intriguing new hairstyle idea using Pipe Cleaners

August 28, 2014


In our continuing efforts to further the expansion of the pipe cleaner, we seem to have uncovered an extremely interesting new use for our pipe cleaners.

In a post on the website Veepeejay that we recently found, one woman has done her own take on the popular Afro-Caribbean hairstyle ‘Kinky Twists’, by taking a pipe cleaner, folding it in half and twisting it with a loop at the top, making the perfect tool for creating this style. The next step is to wrap the hair around the pipe cleaner to the loop and use hair wax to fix the curls around the pipe cleaner. Once the wax is set all that is left to do is extract the pipe cleaner via the designed loop and the end result is a kinky, curly, trendy new look thanks to this innovative new idea.

Link to Veepeejay: http://veepeejay.com/2011/10/pipe-cleaner-curls-on-mini-twists.html


kinky twists application                                         kinky twists