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Tech Specs

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Pipecleaners or Flexistems are quite simply made up of two lengths of wire twisted together to create stability and strength, trapping the yarn that makes the pile.  The pile is then cut to make the required diameter of stem.  There are however numerous permutations of wire, yarn, length, diameter, colour and getting the right combination is our skill, learned and practised now over 100 years.  We estimate that we can do over 7 million possible variations, and we will use our experience to sample and make the right combination for you.

Green Pipe Cleaner | Hewitt & BoothDSCF2784Red Pipe Cleaner | Hewitt & BoothBlack Pipe Cleaner | Hewitt & BoothOrange Pipe Cleaner | Hewitt & BoothPink Pipe Cleaner | Hewitt & Booth


Pipe Cleaner Wire | Hewitt & BoothWe use different wires depending on the application. For example a craft stem will probably need to be more flexible than a stem used for cleaning small bore tubes.  Annealing is a process applied to the wires to make them more malleable and less brittle.






We are able to source bespoke wire for your products if necessary. Get in touch!



Length of Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth

We have cutting machines that can cut Pipecleaners and Flexistems to your required lengths

The current lengths that we do range from 2 cm right up to a coil of 50 metre. 



Likewise we can alter the width of the pile, from 4mm to 40mm on chenille / polyester and from 3mm to 8mm on cotton.

Widths of Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth


We can alter the shape of the pipecleaner or flexistem and currently do conical (tapered), cylindrical and bump stems.


Shape of Pipecleaners | Hewitt & Booth


Our yarn selection enables diversity in our Pipecleaner and Flexistem products, whether you require a soft or hard clean.

Chenille Polyester Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & BoothChenille (Polyester) – Used mainly in craft, to create a multitude of different stems.

Cotton Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth




Cotton  An economical pipecleaner choice popular in the craft, smoking and garden ties markets.

Monofilament Bristle Abrasive Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth

Monofilament / Bristle – Giving an abrasive feel and finish, this flexistem is perfect for removing stubborn deposits, frequently used in the medical and smoking markets




Microfibre Soft Fleece Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth

Microfibre/“Fleece” with multi-end filiaments, giving very soft and absorbent flexistem properties, mainly used for medical and precision cleaning and polishing applications.

Lurex Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & BoothMetallic Yarn – Used to create festive tinsel craft pipecleaner stems.

Glo’ in the dark– For fun, specialist use, craft and children.

Glow in the Dark Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth



Cotton: In cotton we have 13 standard colours. We can mix them and use up to 4 colours at a time – and can even do duo-tone cotton stems.

Two Colour Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & BoothMulti-Coloured Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth

Chenille: Our standard chenille colour range runs to 40 colours, including 5 fluorescents.

Multi-Coloured Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth

Two Colour Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & BoothWe can run more than one colour at a time, creating a stripe effect and can even run a Lurex tinsel yarn through to give a hi-lite effect.

Two Colour Pipe Cleaners | Hewitt & Booth