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Veterinary Applications

Uses & Applications

Hewitt & Booth, specialist manufacturers of flexistem pipecleaners for unique industrial applications since 1922. We maintain focus on specialist industries and applications to ensure that we have the right pipe cleaner for any use. Our expertise in producing bespoke pipe cleaners and flexistems has meant that we are a popular choice across many industrial sectors, one of which being the veterinary sector.

Jorgen Kruuse - Denmark

We have been producing pipe cleaners for unique applications for many years now, but uses don’t get more unusual than this one developed for Jorgen Kruuse, a Danish veterinary products supplier.

Kruuse use our pipe cleaners as teat plugs, little devices that are inserted into cows udders to stop bacteria from entering the teat canal during none lactating periods, which otherwise could cause infection. The product we supply to kruuse are 4mm bleached cotton and polyester flexistems with a galvanized wire core, this is for absorbency whilst having rot and corrosion proof properties.


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